Jun 1, 2021
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Db Gd Pr Neuter (Australia) DOKLAO
Lucky Sweetheart

Lucky is my first Korat, bred by Eva Krynda in Sydney, Australia. Lucky has been to many shows in Australia and followed me around the globe. He is the Boss of the house, very often controlling the others with just one firm look. I am owned by Lucky and he states that by sleeping on top of me at night. He is a very affectionate boy with a fantastic personality and eyes of the most fluorescent green.

Jenanca G’day MateMatey is my Thai Blue Point. They are caused by a recessive gene in Korats so when two carriers mate, Blue Points can occur. They are only recognized in GCCF. Since they are not recognized in FIFe, Lotusleaf is not actively breeding them, but since Matilda is a BP-carrier, they can occur if mated to a BP-carrying male, though we try to avoid it by colortesting.
Matey is the sweetest, most active boy. He loves harassing the others and flying around the house in wild chases. I have never seen a cat with such an amount of energy. He is nr2 in charge after Lucky. Matey was breed by Jen Lacey of Jenanca Cattery in England.

The Pointed Kitten’s Lament…

I’m not a little Korat, although you would not think it true,
My mother was a Korat, my father was one too.
My sister and my brother, with coats of deepest blue,
Are certainly both Korats, of just a perfect hue.

But if I’m not a Korat, will someone tell me please,
What breed of cat am I then, some sort of Siamese?
A throwback to my ancestors who made a point or two
And passed along the points to me to hand them back to you?

Charlotte Creeley

Jen Lacey’s riposte

Oh my poor confused little one, you must understand
That Korat means a blue cat, in your native land.
To call you what you’re plainly not, we just shouldn’t do,
But you’re one of our breed’s kittens, so there must be a name for you.

The Korat comes from Thailand, proud of its history
And you have that same Thai ancestry, way back in your pedigree.
So considering your origins, and your phenotype
In UK we say Thai Blue Point. I do hope that’s all right.

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