Dec 14, 2021
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Best Tips to Become an Online Teacher

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E-learning is the future of learning!

Even though it was expected that a new era of learning will evolve in the educational world, but what was not expected was learning about its importance the hardest way.

E-learning is the phase where not only students faced various challenges but the teachers too, as the learning went from bricks to clicks. In the pandemic, teachers all around the globe started searching for efficient tips to conduct online classes since distance learning was the only option left to resume academics.

If you are a teacher who is searching to  get effective hands-on tips to conduct online classes, then the discussed tips can be your ultimate guide;

Get a good hold on the online learning tool.

Online learning tools can make the whole process of online teaching easy. There are many online learning tools to level up online teaching in this technological era. It would be appreciative of the teachers to be adaptive to such online tools, which aid the comfort of their students.

Applications like Canvas, Pear Deck, Edmodo, Edpuzzle, etc., are enriched with interfaces that help the teachers organise the course information. In addition, these applications make work easier for the students to catch up on their daily, weekly, or monthly learnings.

Have a problem-solving approach:

Many students are still not immune to E-learning since they are used to of traditional teaching environment. With such minimum interest, the students are likely to encounter a bunch of academic problems. The teachers must be ready to solve all these issues with a problem-solving approach.

Teachers must be aware that during, E-learning the students will have the freedom to approach you beyond the class as well. Therefore, acquaint yourself with all the possible resources that could direct them in the right direction. One another to minimise the problems is to form a syllabus template in a way that sets a clear road map for the students.

Introduce the course & yourself:

Taking an online course does not stop teachers from providing a course outline. It should still be made, along with some help from online learning tools. Conduct a class that is solely based on the “get-to-know-each-other” approach. It is better to create some sort of connectivity with the students first and then get down to the business of teaching. For this, a teacher can hold ice-breaking sessions in the online classes to make the students comfortable with each other – just like any other traditional class.

Discuss your expectations with them:

Teachers are expected to have an open conversation with their students to briefly discuss their expectations. Acquaint them with the knowledge of the course outcomes, what will be the challenges of studying this course (specifically when learning it online), what are the course requirements, and kind of assignments they will be dealing and what is your grading criteria.

Mentioning all of this will ultimately help you in capturing the interest of students in your online course. This will also give them a road map to follow if willing to pass their course.

Being active is the key:

Being active does not only mean taking the classes and taking propers tests or quizzes. It is when you make yourself available to cater to their academic needs. Make a group chat and share the course-related information there, or respond in the earliest hour to their genuine issues. Your student’s engagement is directly proportional to your engagement.

Also, If you look at the result of a student’s search for “Hire someone to take my online class”,  you will see the unavailability of teachers as one of the main reasons.

Prepare a convenient teaching station:

One of the main reasons students detest online classes is because they miss their classrooms. The environment greatly impacts the student’s will to study. Therefore, teachers should set up a convenient teaching station that could give them their school vibes. A teacher can even ask the students to set up a learning station as well. Tell them to choose a place that is free from all sorts of distractions, so they can pay maximum attention to their online classes.

Make the classes highly interactive:

In online classes, interaction and communication are highly compromised. To minimise this factor, a teacher should be held responsible for making a class interactive. There are certain ways by which a  teacher can make online classes interactive.

  • Ask your students to keep their video cameras open.
  • Be creative while having the discussions, make on and off jokes.
  • A teacher can engage the students in having activities that aid their personal development.
  • Adopt various communication tools that increase their interest.

Have some flexible timings:

The main advantage of taking online classes is that they can be taken at any time and any place. There is no such big hassle for the students or the teachers as well. Therefore, the teachers should schedule their classes after sheer coordination with their students.

By taking the classes at a convenient time will promise maximum attendance for your students. With this effort of providing the utmost comfort to the students, teachers can become the apple of the student’s eye, hence grabbing the interest in their respective course.

Ask for feedback and make the required changes:

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but being a teacher does not mean that there is no room for change. Give the feedback option to your students on your lectures, and accept them with generosity. Upon the given feedback, make the necessary changes in your class to give the best online class experience to your students. Moreover, have a personality that could accept legit and correct criticism.

Final Verdict:

On the contrary, if you search the challenges of online classes and the psychology or reasons behind the reasons searching for “pay someone to do my online class”, you will know that these tips can help in solving those challenges and issues.

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