Nov 22, 2021
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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Dissertation Proposal Writing

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 In universities, higher education institutions, and above, there will be a time in which every individual is asked to write a dissertation based on his/ her subject and the type of topic that he/ she has selected. Writing a dissertation is important as it indicates your abilities as a scholar or researcher. Hence, following are the frequently asked questions about dissertation proposal writing to clear the doubts about difference between proposal and dissertation;

What is a Dissertation Writing?

Dissertation illustrates that you have the capacity and capability to identify your own area of interest, talented enough to explore the depths of the subject area that you have chosen. In addition to, manage the project of the study, and to utilise suitable research tools to answer the research questions that you will establish in the starting of your research proposal. You can also develop several qualities that will relate and help you in the real world. Such qualities consist of research skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, numerical skills, calm under pressure, project management skills and so on.

What is Dissertation Proposal Writing?

But before writing a dissertation, you will initially be asked to present a proposal writing before the dissertation to understand and portray the concepts, notions, and methods that you will further assess and evaluate in the dissertation. For this purpose, it is important for you to understand the difference between dissertation writing and dissertation proposal writing. As you have already know by now, what a dissertation is, therefore, it is time to explain what a dissertation proposal is.

A dissertation proposal is a complete and inclusive design for the research project. It depicts the particular area of research, the purpose, methodology, scope, and limitations that can occur while executing your research. In other words, it is basically a work plan that will tell the reader why, what, where, how, and demonstrates the benefits of performing research.

What is the purpose of a dissertation proposal?

Dissertation proposal are planned to plan and justify the project of the research. It demonstrates how your project will further contribute to the prevailing researches. Moreover, it will show your supervisor that you comprehend how to execute well- organised research within adequate time period.

What is the Importance of Dissertation?

Dissertation writing is important as it informs you about your dissertation’s structure and its contents to a certain extent that will make it a lot easier for you to write, along with improving its quality. In short, dissertation proposal will provide you a framework to help or give aid to you when you initiate your dissertation writing. Furthermore, it assists you to communicate your idea and knowledge of dissertation to your supervisor. It demonstrate your ability to your supervisor. Moreover, proposal of your dissertation assists you to conduct a research which is well- informed, understanding, and effectiveness. Lastly, it prepares and organises you for your dissertation.

What Does a Dissertation Proposal Includes?

Before initiating your dissertation proposal writing, the first thing that you are required to make sure is that you include the following;

  • Why would an individual like the research?
  • What does an individual comprehend it already?
  • What is the problem that want to put attention to in your study?
  • Where can you execute your research study?
  • When would you be able to conduct your research?
  • Whom can you study?
  • What changes would your dissertation make regarding to the problem you focused in your research?
  • Who can gain benefit from your dissertation?

What should be the Structure of a Dissertation Proposal?

It is necessary for your dissertation proposal to have a good structure before submission to your supervisor. Only then with an accurate outline (structure), it will be approved for your dissertation from your supervisor. Hence, the components in your dissertation proposal plays an integral part in the structure. On the other hand, the dissertation structure is lengthy and discursive, and contains detailed information about each and every part that you are going to cover in your research.

The structure of a dissertation depends on your field, but usually it is divided into 5 chapter, consisting of an introduction (chapter 1), Literature Review (chapter 2), Methodology (chapter 3), Findings and Discussions (chapter 4), and Conclusion (chapter 5). However, the dissertation proposal consist of multiple key (and brief) features such as the introduction, aim and objectives, literature review, expected outcomes, timeline, expected limitations, and bibliography.  

Can a Proposal be used in Dissertation Writing?

A dissertation proposal is similar to your final dissertation’s table content. It assists you to discover the topic you wish to assess and examine. Hence, you can utilise your dissertation proposal for your write- up of your final dissertation. It is the significant part of study, and assists you to discover your dissertation’s direction.

Can a Dissertation be Different from the Proposal?

It is important that you continue your dissertation as you have described in your proposal as the proposal gives the outline of you whole dissertation of what you are going to cover and steps and method you will adopt during your research and dissertation writing.

Is Proposal Important for Writing a Dissertation?

Generally, the proposal of your dissertation is important in preparing and organising you for your dissertation writing procedure. If completed in an appropriate manner, it will help and provide guidance you in executing your research and in writing your dissertation’ main body.

Can the proposal ensure timely submission of the dissertation?

Timeline is an integral part in dissertation proposal as it helps you in timely performing your tasks and activity and submission of dissertation. Hence, it is important to include timescale, demonstrating that you comprehend the necessity to wisely organise your research, in addition to, how long each activity and task will take to complete.

Don’t get confused between proposal writing and dissertation writing. Writing a proposal will take time, however, adequate proposal writing will only help you in writing an appropriate dissertation for your thesis.

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