Oct 26, 2021
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Five Steps To Develop Your Business Presence On TikTok

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TikTok is a new social media trend. Even if you don’t have the application, you’re likely to interact with TikTok content on other social media sites like Instagram or Facebook. According to a recent study, the new video app’s popularity has surpassed all previous records in the history of social media. The significant part about TikTok is that any brand or business could go viral, and I will teach you how.

I have some recommendations for growing significant audiences on TikTok. Let’s jump in.


First and foremost: It’s essential to comprehend TikTok’s operation. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all significantly different from popular video app. On TikTok, the FYP(For You Page) is where most of the action takes place. Consider it akin to the “Explore” section on Instagram: It allows every user to search through an abundance of videos suited to their interests.

TikTok collects videos that are comparable to the user’s prior involvement with the platform. Content providers will have massive organic reach if the platform tries to focus on tremendous user growth. Learning how the algorithm of TikTok works can make it easier for your brand or business to create viral content.

Focus Potential Audience

Targeting the correct audience is crucial on Instagram, as it is on any other social media network. On TikTok, you’ll see that most users are Gen Z and millennials (below 39 age and under the year 2020).

For instance, the immense beauty and fashion of TikTok channels can acquire over 11 million fans. It is very important to focus more on the interests of potential audiences than the potential gender. You need to target individuals interested in your videos if you need to establish an actual audience; otherwise, you would wind up with an average audience that doesn’t regularly connect with your videos, which can lead to decreased growth.

The key is to be able to curate stuff that is relevant to your brand’s potential audience. As your follower’s rate grows, TikTok should increase your postings as many people engage with your videos on a regular basis.

Connect With Your Target Audience

Because TikTok’s user base is mainly Gen Z, every user is often online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must have a persona behind your profile if you need to cultivate an audience that provides feedback on every post and visits your business’s page every day for new stuff.

Building a genuine following requires developing a strong relationship with your fans. Many well-known content providers and businesses do not interact with their fans. Going live and responding to or generating video responses to comments is a terrific approach to establishing a personal connection with your audience.

Bring Up A Content Strategy

Developing a distinctive content strategy is key to enhancing organic reach on TikTok. Most TikTok videos are trend-driven: if a video content gets popular, many others will reproduce it. Acquiring on the FYP( For You page) will require incorporating viral trends into your TikTok’s content strategy.

Another vital factor to consider in your plan is the frequency with which you publish. If you post two video content a day, the chances are that one of them would go viral with more likes on TikTok, or none at all. To boost the chances of your postings going viral, you should publish more often throughout the day.

Focus On Post Analytics And Hashtags

When it comes to TikTok discoverability, hashtags are just as important as Twitter and Instagram. To discover hashtags, go to the “Discover” menu. Your postings may have a better chance of becoming viral if you create videos that suit these hashtags.

TikTok enhances posts with a lot of engagement. And if your TikTok post receives a good ratio of comments and likes to views, it’ll likely be pushed to a broader audience on the FYP “For You page” since the algorithm forecasts that people would engage with it.

The average watch time for your postings is another crucial metric to keep track of. If your video content is 15 seconds long and 7.5 seconds is the average viewing duration, this suggests that the majority of viewers only viewed half of it. If the algorithm determines that the material was not engaging, TikTok may not enhance the post.

Overall, I feel that consistency is the most vital part of any platform’s growth. Integrating a distinctive approach and interacting with your target audience are essential first steps, but long-term success requires consistency.

Final Thoughts

These are the steps that effectively help in growing your TikTok business presence. If you need to sell your products or services, raise brand awareness, or your sales & conversions, the first thing you need to do is spread your presence widely on the platform. Follow the above points to showcase your business to massive potential audiences and discover your favorite products or about your brand to the primary audience. 

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