Nov 15, 2021
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How to test a used car? Don’t be silly in the D file to the end

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How to test a used car? Don’t be silly in the D file to the end

For a used car that has been used before, it is an action that many second-hand car buyers will do to know the condition of the previous use through the inspection of the day after tomorrow. In addition to the static inspection, the dynamic road test is also used to confirm the condition of the car. The indispensable program, how to test the condition of a second-hand car in a short test time of a few minutes, is the focus of this unit that I want to share with you. Don’t drive a second-hand car as if you were driving your own car. It is impossible to test the condition of the car. check second-hand car like proton persona

Part.1 Testing before going on the road, electrical products are the focus

Before the vehicle is driven on the road, you can conduct a static test in the store. The test items include the engine start performance, whether the engine feet are functioning normally, whether the automatic shifting gear is normal or not, the lighting test, the audio-visual system test, Air-conditioning system testing, and other electronic system testing, etc.

You can start the engine first in the store, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal sound when starting, and whether you can start the engine at one time. If the engine is not easy to start, in addition to insufficient battery power, the ignition system or the starter motor system will deteriorate, which will also cause the engine to start. bad.

After the engine is started, you can start the static test. It is recommended that you first start the air conditioner, adjust the temperature to the lowest, and then open the hood to observe whether the engine is running or not, will it vibrate too much? If the vibration is too large, It means that the life of the engine foot or gearbox foot may have reached the end of the life. Many imported cars’ engine feet are shocked by oil, and the price of parts is several thousand RM, so pay special attention.

Then enter the car, pay attention to the temperature of the air-conditioning outlet, whether it can drop to a temperature that makes you feel icy within 10 minutes. If it becomes icy, it means that the air-conditioning system is operating normally. If it feels cool or even warm, you need to Note that the operation of the air-conditioning system may be abnormal. Of course, the cold room will take longer in the hot noon, but it should be cold when the doors are closed tightly

Then turn on the audio-visual system to confirm whether the audio, screen, GPS, digital TV, reversing camera, reversing radar, and other items are functioning normally, whether each speaker is sounding, GPS must wait for the current location to be accurately located, if there are other Audio-visual items can also be confirmed together.

Next, raise and lower all the power windows and sunroof once, and make sure that the speed of the glass rises and falls is normal, and the action is smooth, especially the rear window needs to be operated once. The electric rear mirrors outside the car should also be tested to observe whether the adjustment angle of the lens up, down, left, and right is normal and whether the electric folding function is normal. These will all affect the cost of subsequent maintenance. better condition second-hand car like proton wira

Part.2 Arrange each gear in sequence, and confirm whether there is vibration in the gear

In addition, the lighting system should not be neglected, especially the newer cars of many years now use HID or LED head and tail lights. The maintenance cost of these light sets is not low, especially in addition, the AFS active steering headlights of the lighting system are also To confirm whether the operation is normal, this kind of lamps is also “expensive.”

Finally, when the engine is started, step on the brake pedal, do not let go of the brake, and shift the gears into R gear, D gear, and other low-speed gears in sequence, then into R gear, and finally into P gear. For automatic vehicles, use the manual mode to increase the gear to the second gear, and observe if there is any abnormal vibration when the gear is switched? Does the engine vibration become larger after shifting? If there is a sign that the life of the engine foot has expired, it should be replaced.

It is worth mentioning that the reason for starting the engine first is to confirm whether the starting performance is good and the air-conditioning system is normal, and the other is to warm up the engine because some engine system failures require the engine to run for a period of time. When it appears, the engine detection light will be on at this time, so that we can know whether there is a hidden problem.

Part.3 First confirm the car body scratches, don’t find a smooth road

After all the above actions are completed, please get out of the car and check whether there are any scratches on the body sheet metal, whether the tires are leaking, whether there are water and oil stains on the ground, etc. If you find any abnormalities, please inform the car dealer, so as not to think that it was caused by the test after you come back from the test. It’s not clear.

Before the road test, if the author is the author, he will investigate which road is safer and try to find a road with a relatively small traffic volume to test. If you really can’t find a suitable road, you should avoid commuting time before going. Test run can reduce the risk of collision caused by accidents during test run.

After getting in the car and adjusting the rear view mirror angle and sitting posture, you can start the road test. Remember to close the audio and power windows. The purpose is to confirm whether there are abnormal noises in the car and under the car. Most of the noise in the car comes from the center console. , Or the interior decoration panel is loose, it will be the case when the car is old, please don’t care too much.

But if it is under the car or in the engine room, when there is a loud buckle sound, it means that the chassis or shock absorber suspension is caused by system failure, such as the shock absorber upper seat, the anti-roll bar fixed rubber/lizi string, Tripod bushings, etc. These parts are all consumables and can be repaired or discounted by the dealer. In order to make the faults of the undercarriage parts really be tested, please do not find a very smooth road to drive during the test drive. You can try to push through the manhole cover or small potholes, and the noise will be highlighted by the larger vibration. come out.

As for the driving method, you can shift to D gear first, and use the normal opening method to make the gear jump from the first gear to the highest gear. At the same time, pay attention to whether there is any abnormal frustration when shifting, and whether there will be a short neutral when shifting. Enter the gear. Please pay attention if there is any. This means that the clutch plate in the gearbox has worn out. It is better to consider another car. If there is a manual automatic transmission system, enter the manual mode, pull the speed to about 5,000 rpm and then change gears. Also, observe whether the shifting speed and frustration are normal. The purpose is also to confirm the condition of the automatic transmission.

The condition of the brake system should also be confirmed. In principle, pay attention to whether there is a sharp sound or the feeling of pulling the steering wheel when you step on the brake. If it does, the brake system may need to be overhauled. When waiting for the red light, you can also turn the steering wheel to the end, and listen carefully to see if there is a big low beep. If there is a sign that the power steering gear is worn out, if the amount of oil is insufficient, it is more likely that the internal oil seal has started. Pay special attention to oil leakage.

Concluding remarks

Before buying a second-hand car, you must test it on the road yourself. Some dealers may not want to, so don’t buy it. You don’t need to worry about testing a normal car. Of course, you can test it only if you have a driver’s license. The focus of the test drive is to confirm whether the engine acceleration process is strong, whether the gear shift is normal, whether the air-conditioning is cold, and whether there is noise in the chassis, etc. These information are all important to the judgment of the vehicle condition, so as to reduce unnecessary maintenance expenses after purchasing the car.

Of course, I also want to remind everyone that second-hand cars are old car. Many failures sometimes happen because of luck. When you buy a car, it does not mean that it will not appear after you buy the car. Don’t think that the car dealer deceives you. Avoid this. If you lose, you can find a store that provides a second-hand car warranty to buy a car, so that you can buy with more confidence.

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